R&D Center

PCG-BIOTECH aims to develop innovative anticancer drugs with fewer side effects.

Main Technology

Competitiveness of Epinogen's core technology for new drug discovery

Epinogen’s core technology for new drug discovery: discovering first-in-class new drugs with no side effects

Validating new drug targets using new concept structural platform technologies such as cryo-EM, protein design, and AI technology & possessing a drug discovery platform with no side effects

  • Identification of new drug target structure

    • Multi-disciplinary Structural Approaches
    • Supramolecular Drug Target Structure
    • High-throughput Structure Determination

    A platform capable of analyzing
    various target proteins
    and large complex structures

  • New drug discovery

    • MOA, AI Based Drug Screening
    • Cryo-EM, STD-NMR, Assay Based Rational Design
    • Structure-Based Assay System

    MOA + Experimental base
    High-Throughput Screening
    and Optimization

Technologies for large protein complex production targeting new drugs

Large protein complex production technology targeting
new drugs (GPCR, Epigenetic Modifier, etc.)
using various systems (Bacteria, Insect, human cells)

Cryo-EM based high-resolution structure identification technology targeting new drugs

Epinogen uniquely possesses world-class
Cryo-EM (cryo-electron microscopy) structure identification technology
that can identify the three-dimensional structure of large proteins
with high resolution.

Epinogen Quick Lead Optimization Protocol