PCG-Biotech is a first-in-class anticancer drug discovery company
based on advanced cryo-EM technology.

Company Advisors

Pre-clinical, Clinical phase 1/2/3

  • Professor Byung-In Moon

    Head of EwhaWomans University Cancer Center for Women

    Breast cancer, triple-negative breast cancer, thyroid cancer

  • Professor Yong-Chan Lee

    Gastroenterology/Yonsei Severance Hospital

    Esophageal cancer, stomach cancer

  • Professor Young-Chul Moon

    Hematology and Oncology/ EwhaWomans University Seoul Hospital

    Acute leukemia

Cell Biology-Molecular Biology-Animal Testing

  • Professor Seung-Taek Lee

    Department of Biochemistry/Yonsei University

    Breast cancer, esophageal cancer

  • Professor Eok-Su Oh

    Department of Biochemistry/Ewha University

    Esophageal cancer, stomach cancer

  • Professor Mi-Young Kim

    Cell-Animal Testing/KAIST

    Acute leukemia, breast cancer

  • Professor Hyuk-Wan Koh

    Head of Laboratory Animal Center/Yonsei University

    Acute leukemia, breast cancer

Medicinal Chemistry

  • Professor Jin-Seong Tae

    Medicinal Chemistry /Yonsei University
  • Dr. Jung-WookJin

    Medicinal Chemistry/DGMIF
  • Professor Jin-HeeAhn

    Medicinal Chemistry/JD Bioscience CEO/


  • Prof. Hans Hebert

    KTH Royal Institute of Technology

    X-ray, Cryo-EM based structural biochemisty

  • Sam-Yong Park

    Yokohama City University

    X-ray, Cryo-EM based structural biochemisty