PCG-Biotech is a first-in-class anticancer drug discovery company
based on advanced cryo-EM technology.

Company History

  • 2021

    • Sep.

      Applied for a patent related to the development of treatment for metastatic colorectal cancer.

    • Jun.

      Signed an MOU for joint research with Hanmi Pharm.

    • Mar.

      Selected as a commercialization item (TechStars) by Yonsei University Technology Holdings.

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    • Nov

      Selected as TIPS
      Certified a Epinogen affiliated research institute.

    • Oct.

      Certified a Epinogen venture company.

    • Sep.

      Attracted investment from Magna Investment.

    • Jun.

      Incorporated as a subsidiary of Yonsei University Technology Holdings.
      Selected as U-Tech Valley by Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund.

    • May.

      Established an affiliated research institute of PCG Biotech.

  • 2019

    • Jan.

      Established Yonsei Faculty Startup Company.