PCG-Biotech is a first-in-class anticancer drug discovery company
based on advanced cryo-EM technology.

CEO Message

Thank you for visiting the Epinogen website.

Our key pipelines are epigenetic cancer drugs, which are innovative new drugs that inhibit abnormal cancer cell proliferation generated by abnormal gene expression control systems. Epinogen develops first-in-class drugs with unmet need for 'promptly providing new drugs to patients who need treatment but currently do not have an appropriate new drug' such as acute leukemia, triple-negative breast cancer, and colorectal cancer. We also have high-efficiency, cutting-edge platform technology that can dramatically shorten the existing drug discovery period by identifying the study combining the three-dimensional structure of the targeted protein and the inhibitor based on Cryo-EM and AI-structural biology.

Currently, we are actively carrying out candidate material optimization and animal testing for key pipelines such as acute leukemia and triple-negative breast cancer treatment, and discovery of preclinical candidate materials is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.Furthermore, we aim to enter preclinical trials from 2022.We ask for your interest and support for Epinogen which has a goal as a leader to improve the quality of life of mankind and conquer diseases.

Thank you.

Weon-Tae Lee, Epinogen CEO